Sunday, January 3, 2010


  1. Well said Abbot Tryphon. The Orthodox Church is, evidently, that which spiritual Christians have always striven for, but which always seemed to be somewhere else.

    Contrary to the accepted wisdom of modernity, these emerging technologies are optimised for communicating the fullness of communion that can only be found in Christ Jesus.

    This should come as no surprise. It is also highly transformative both on the individual and the community level. Communication and communion takes place in real-time.

    I thank God for your courage and for your dedication in being truly evangelical (whilst remaining pre-denominational).

    Please continue doing this. It is the authentically Holy component that many of us have been missing out on. And no wonder, we have been cut off from the Sacramental Life of Church for generations.

    Steven C

  2. I just watched your YouTube video.
    Came to FaceBook through an Orthodox Priest whose photos I had loved viewing. When He moved away from my physical proximity he suggested that I could still see his photos on FB. There, you also agreed to a my FB 'friend'.

    Am a 65 year-old Orthodox Matushka, who came to The Faith from being Lutheran by God's Grace and through Searching.
    Am slso a Grandmother of Swedish heritage, whose parents, and theirs, had been evangelical pious Christians: Evan. Covenant and the non-sacramental Free Church, off-shoots from the Swedish Lutheran church tradition.

    Please continue...
    Your "The Morning Offering" is most often the first thing my eyes see in the a.m.

    miriam anderson nelson