Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Postscript

I received the following letter from the priest who found fault with me, for having placed the Holy Cross at the site of the memorial for the fallen police officers. He has blessed me to post his letter, publicly. I'm choosing to delete his name, since there is no reason to publicly name him, in my opinion. He is a dear and loving man, and I am delighted to be able to share his words with my readers. I am also grateful to the Lord, that our friendship remains intact, and I, in turn, prostrate before him, asking his forgiveness for having offended him.
With love in Christ,
Abbot Tryphon

Dear in Christ Father Abbot Tryphon,

Thank you for your kind e-mail to me. Let us then in brotherly love, agree to disagree about the placement of the Holy Cross and bring to an end this time consuming correspondence. Visiting and ministering to these men and their families who have been so viciously ravaged is certainly more noble and Christian, than my battering in a point, even though a very important one.

I would be satisfied if you merely explained to whom ever you shared with, that the priest, and you are free to name names, _____________, in no way criticized your interaction, support, attendance and Christian compassion during the Memorial ceremonies for the brutally murdered police officers and your ministering to the needs of the grieving children, families and co-workers of the slain, and that I only was concerned that the placing of the cross on a memorial made up of flowers, smiley balloons and stuffed animal toys was not a proper setting for the honor given by the Orthodox Church to Holy Icons, Sacred Relics and the inherent Sanctity of the Life-giving Cross.

I in turn ask you, my brother in Christ and co-server at the Holy Altar of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to forgive me for troubling you and causing you to, spend time from your duties corresponding with me on this subject, and do a humble prostration before you with a sincere request for forgiveness. May God forgive and save us all!

With love and respect and a request for prayers,
I remain respectfully,
Archpriest ______________

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  1. And I will say this (and please, dear Father Tryphon, feel free not to post this to the Comments section, but you need to know this): Where I live in New England, chaplains of *any* kind are a rare breed. I worry about our police officers, who see more evil in a single week than most clergy see in an entire lifetime, because they have no one to strengthen and support them in their constant battle with evil. I wish that *every* police department in the country had its own chaplain, and I would far rather that that chaplain be Orthodox than some Western idiot who sees police officers as "oppressors" (yes, I have heard this locally) or teaches people to believe in a "fuzzy wuzzy Jesus" Who smiles beneficently on our sinfulness. Don't stop, Father Tryphon!!